R.E.P. Lures Waterways Cleanup Project
Wisconsin Chapter

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R.E.P.Lures Waterways Cleanup Project

The images above are several thousand pounds of trash R.W.C.P. has collected from Wisconsin shores and waters over time.

In an effort since 1994, R.E.P. Lures has been committed to giving back, so wildlife and people can continue enjoying our natural resources. 
''R.E.P. Lures Waterways Cleanup Project'' 
Founded in 1994

How did ‘’R.E.P. Lures Waterways Cleanup Project Start?’’
Well, it all started when my wife and I went on a trip to a canyon in the Gurney area called the Potato River Falls. 
We always loved this area because of its spectacular natural beauty and fantastic trout fishing.
We had started down the canyon to the stream below; on the bottom we began to follow streams edge away from the Potato falls. 
As we started around the first bend we could hear screams of a child farther downstream, this got us to step up our pace. 
When we got to an open area in the canyon, we could see a large man with no shirt on, and a woman kneeling down holding a child. 
As we got closer, I yelled over to them and asked, what was going on.
The man replied that his daughter was hurt and needed medical attention.
As we got up to them we could see that it was a small girl in the woman’s arms and the man’s shirt was wrapped around the girl’s feet, the shirt was soaked in blood. 
I asked the man what happened, he explained that they were fishing the stream and their daughter played in the stream bare foot, when she screamed and fell back into the water, they rushed to her and saw that her feet had been cut to shreds.
I then told the family to follow me, I knew a shortcut to the canyon top, and they followed.The man offered me money for my time; I refused it, and told him to get his daughter to the hospital as soon as possible. 
They left.
My wife and I went back to the area checking the stream out and searching for what could have done such damage. 
After what seemed like a couple of hours my wife yelled over to me that I should see this.When I got to her, I saw what had caused the child’s deep wounds; someone thought it would be fun to break up a case of beer bottles in the stream.
On shore between large boulders was the empty beer case carton and the shore was littered with spent 22 caliber casings. 
It took my wife and I over 9 hours till dark to clean up as much of the glass as we could find.It was then we decided that something had to be done, so this will not happen again.
3 weeks later we started the R.E.P. Lures Waterways Cleanup Project.
Since that time, Carol and I have continued to patrol lakes, rivers and streams within our Wisconsin recreational areas.
With over an estimated 3 tons of miscellaneous trash items collected, Carol and I did not stop at just collecting, but at our own cost we placed garbage cans at the heaviest littered areas.
Of course many of these cans were vandalized or stolen, but we continue this costly fight to keep our waterways safe and clean for generations to enjoy.

Take a stand and show you care!
Even just a 1.00 Donation will go a long way to help us keep Wisconsin waterways clean and safe for wildlife and us all to enjoy for generations.